Manual Capsule Filling

Manual Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine
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This is a most VERSATILE capsule filling machine, suitable for all classes of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Additionally, it has also established its value in the R & D section of large scale Pharmaceutical Companies where it may be used for smaller batched, trail runs and as a standby. The equipment is simple to operate, and gives negligible rejection, with no weight variations.

Model : 

300SS - 300 STD (300 holes)

The SS – Stainless Steel Model is fabricated completely from Stainless Steel 304 quality.

 In the STD – Standard Model, all contact parts are made out of  Stainless Steel 304 quality and non-contact parts are made out of non-corrosive metal duly plated or painted.

Interchangeability :

Interchangeable parts can be supplied for all size capsules. Recommended interchangeability for optimum output  : 0/00-0/1/2—3/4/5.


Special features :

  • Functional design for simplified operation – giving precise results with negligible rejection.
  • Sturdy, easily movable.
  • Easily dismantled and reassembled, even by unskilled labour.
  • All contact parts SS 304 quality and all other parts hard chrome plated.
  • Excellent cost-benefits ratio.







Output :

55,000 – 60,000 capsules per 8 – hour shift.

Operation : 

  • Fill loading tray with empty capsules.
  • Place tray in bed.
  • Operate cam handle to separate capsules cap from body.
  • Place powder tray in position, fill with accurate quantity of powder and spread with scraper.
  • Operate pin plate to compress and fill.
  • Operate lever to lock capsules cap and body.
  • Remove tray and empty filled capsules.









Technical Specification : 

300 – holes

Dimensions : L 410 mm X W 450 mm X H 500 mm 

Weight         : 45 Kgs.

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