Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops Filling Line

Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops Filling Line
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   1.     Combined Vial Orientate, Filling & Dropper Fixing Machine :

This machine is suitable only for plastic vials. It consists of a S.S. hopper mounted at the top for vial storage. The capacity varies depending upon the size and shape of the vials.

As the main star wheel made up of SS material mounted beneath the hopper rotates, the vials get orientated to the open side up position and are fed into the infeed star wheel through transfer chute.

The infeed star wheel feeds vials into the Filling unit.

Filling unit consists of Indexing type Six head Filling and rotary Dropper fixing mechanism.

A star wheel picks up Six bottles and transfers them to the filling station.

The state-of-art  syringeless, Valveless,  PTS (Pressure & time setting) filling system with PLC is provided.

Filling Volume can be adjusted in the PLC screen   while   machine is running.

As the vials halt at the filling station the filling nozzle sprays the set amount of fluid into the vials.

No vial-No filling control for each filling nozzle can be achieved  in this system. 

After filling is over, the releasing star wheel releases the vials on the feeder disc of the dropper fixing mechanism.

Then the infeed star wheel picks the vials one by one and takes it to the Dropper dispenser.

Here the dropper, which is coming from a vibratory bowl feeder, is placed on the mouth of the vial. Then the vial is transferred to the main star wheel.

As the main star wheel rotates the plunger comes down and presses the dropper to the required depth.

After dropper fixing is done the exit star wheel releases the vials on the outlet conveyor.

Technical Details:

Type           CFL-120

No. Of  heads:


Dropper fixing                           8                    

Speed                                      120 pcs/min

Filling                                    PTS –System 

Filling Accuracy                       ± 0.07ml (for 5ml)

Indexer                                    Rotodex

Motor                                        1H.P.A.C /50Hz./Make: Siemens /Crompton- 2nos                

                                                 ½ H.P.A.C /50Hz./Make:Siemens /Crompton-1no

Gear Box                                   SA237 / Make: Greaves - 3nos                                                      

Drive                                         AC Variable drive/Make:Telemechanique                                           

Vibrator                                     Bowl dia 300mm

Power reqd.                            3.5K.W                


General Details:

This machine consists of rotary screw capping system  which consists of the following features.

An infeed star wheel picks up the vials from inlet conveyor.

As the infeed star wheel rotates, the vials pick up the cap, which comes from the vibrator through chute and feeds it into the capping unit star wheel.

As the plunger comes down, the  capping head holds the cap, straighten it and then screw it properly applying required torque.

As the capping head goes up the exit star wheel releases the vials at the outlet end.

This machine is provided with A.C variable speed system and safety clutch mechanism.

Technical Details:

Type                                                         RSC-120                   

No.of heads                                               8               

Speed                                                       120 bpm.

Motor                                                        1H.P.A.C /50Hz. / Make:Siemens/crompton                                           

Gear Box                                                     Type- A237 / Ratio-20:1 / Make:-Greaves                                                    

Drive                                                          1H.P AC Variable drive /  Make: Telemechanique                                                                                                 

Feed Height                                               800--850mm.                               

Power reqd.                                               1.5K.W                      

Vibrator                                                   Bowl dia 400mm.                    


Video Link for 3 piece Vial filling Line.



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