Ointment/Cream Manufacturing Plant

Ointment/Cream Manufacturing Plant
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Pharmaceuticals: Creams, Gels, Sterile & Non Sterile Ointments and Biotech products.

Cosmetics: Cold Creams, Hair Dye Cream, Conditioners, Lotions, Gels, Mascara make-up, Shampoo, Toothpaste.

Technical feature:

Main Vessel:

  • Choice of various type of anchor design.
  • Homogeniser (option) – Top Entry, side Entry, Bottom Entry with circulation facility.
  • Hydraulic lid lifting for fast & easy cleaning of top dish & vessel.
  • Load Cell for fast & accurate measuring system.
  • Flexible product transfer pipe & fitting in case of load cell & hydraulic lifting.
  • VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM.
  • VFD for Homogeniser to vary RPM.
  • Specially Design drives assembly.










Wax vessel:

  • Open top with top Entry agitator Cowl disc type or paddle with Slow Speed Anchor.
  • Close top with top/bottom entry agitator Cowl disc type or propeller type stirrer.




Water Vessel:

  • Open top with top entry propeller stirrer
  • Close top with bottom or top entry propeller




Common Feature:

  • The main function are mixing and emulsifying. This in the broader sense means producing very fine emulsions,  Suspensions, etc featuring excellent homogeneity and thus finally stability of the mixed product.
  • Jacket have heating & cooling with temperature control with Safety equipment.
  • Electro polished Pipeline and joints are TC standard for easy opening & re-fixing.
  • Vacuum system to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel and zero retention in pre phase vessel & inter connecting pipeline.
  • No Air contamination. / Human contamination.
  • Cleaning In Place cycles with validation protocols. (Optional)


Control System:

  • Manual Control – Have temperature indicator /Timer / Single Phase protection /Push Button to operate the complete plant.
  • Auto Control – PLC based with touch screen and pass word level to feed the parameters of process for Heating / Cooling / Stirrer timing/Homogeniser Timing / Stirrer speed / Homogeniser speed / Vacuum / Pressure / CIP etc. This choice of package to suit requirement to each product.
  • Pre stored process parameter will help to achieve consistent product quality.
  • MMI (Touch Screen) for visualization of machines of specific process condition and data
  • PLC Indicates: 

1. Visualization of Machine process condition & data.                                                      

2. Alarm Signal        

3. Fault Message

  • SCADA package (optional)



Design Base:

  • A Special pharmaceutical design enables application in biotechnical process. Material, surface as well as general design are in keeping with the GMP directives as well as the recommendations of the FDA & USFDA.
  • Vessel design as per ASME guideline and tailor made design as per user’s / product Requirements.
  • All vessel are per GMP regulations.
  • Total plant is design & supplied as per CGMP guidelines.



Flexible Configuration

Simple Operation

Can Be Fully Automated

Integration into existing process control system

Fast product change over

Rapid & effective cleaning CIP/SIP

Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles.

Mixing, dispersing and homogenizing in one operation



5 Kg to 3000 Kgs.

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