Semi Auto Tube Filling Machine

Semi Auto Tube Filling Machine
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To make machine easy to use and quick change over, special care has been taken.

The machine design provides good access for maintenance and give operator excellent visibility at all the major machine functions.

Machine is equipped with high accuracy filling systems, provides clean and accurate filling at optimum speed providing high quality and product. The machine is extremely compact.


  • Automatic Tube Loading System.
  • Auto Tube Orientation.
  • No Tube No Fill System.
  • Folding & Coading at Individual Station.
  • Simple Mechanism & Operator Friendly Machine.
  • Combo Model Suitable For Both Aluminum and Lami/Plastic Tubes.
  • Out Put 70 to 80 Tubes Min - For Double Head M/c.
  • Out Put 35 to 40 Tubes Min – For Single Head M/c.











Technical Specification:

  • Filling Range 3 Gm To 250 Gm With Change Over.
  • Tube Dia Upto 25 mm - For Double Head.
  • Tube Dia Upto 45 mm - For Single Head.





Power Consumption:

  • Max. Kw – 5
  • Air Consumption 15CFM @ 6 Kg/cm2
  • Chilled Water Consumption LPM @ 10°c
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