Double Head Tube Filling Machine

Double Head Tube Filling Machine
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Tube Filling and Closing Machine 120 is a double head version of tube filling and closing machine provides output of up to 120 tubes per minute.

The machine is available in three models:

 1.      Aluminium Tubes

       2.      Laminated / Plastic Tube

       3.      Combination of Al. And Laminated Tubes.

      In combination model the change over from Aluminium to laminated or vice a versa is done by snap of a button.

Due to robust design and good manufacturing practice the machine delivers best packaging quality standard and with minimal maintenance intervention the operating efficiency is also very high. Almost 100% repeat order stands testimony to our values and quality of machines.





Standard Features :

  • GMP model with 80 tube holders.
  • Positive shutting in filling nozzle.
  • Adjustable filling nozzle height
  • Indexing through Ferguson drive
  • Machine cladded with stainless steel
  • Machine enclosed from all sides
  • No tube no fill device
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Cams with better hardness
  • Shafts are ground and chrome plated
  • Mostly bearing mounted chrome plated shaft
  • Favorable stopping position
  • Easy cleanability of filling unit
  • One way bearing to stop reverse rotation
  • Separate overload clutch for tube holder chain
  • Oval race track holder chain for easy maintenance.
  • Machine compatible for cartoning machine connection
  • Torque limiter to safe guard the machine.



















Technical Data :

Optimum speed           :           120 U.P.M.

Filling volume              :           5 to 200 ml

Dosing accuracy          :           +/- 1%

Tube length                :           50-250 mm

Tube diameter            :           10 to 40 mm

Power Consumption :

Basic machine (max)                       :           1.5 kw

Hot air sealing machine (max)           :           7 Kw

Air Consumption : 

Basic machine                    :     20 l.p.m @ 6 kg/cm

Hot air sealing machine      :    300 @ 6kg/cm

Optional Features : 

  • Automatic tube in-feed unit
  • Tube orientation unit
  • Automatic tube cleaning device
  • Heated product hopper
  • Cream stirring device
  • 50 mm dia tube sealing facility
  • Multicolour filling in any format
  • Profile sealing
  • Corner cutting
  • PLC based operation
  • Encoder
  • HMI with key pad
  • HMI with touch screen
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • In-feed system for oval tube
  • Bar code reading system
  • Product level control
  • Exhaust collection of trim waste
  • Water Chiller



















Chilled Water Consumption :

Basic machine                 :    nil

Hot air sealing machine  :    12 l.p.m of water at 10º C

Shipping Configuration :

Length    :   2.3 meter

Width     :   1.7 meter

Height    :    2.0 meter

Weight   :    1,500 kg.

For Other Models Please refer Ointment Section.

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