Metal Detector

Metal Detector
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Tablet Metal Detector, meeting the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for sensitivity, stability and sanitation. This Pharma Metal Detector is designed for the detection and removal of minute pieces of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminations. Such particles sometimes enter the product stream from deteriorating processing equipment components such as worn sieve wires or splintered dies. Its compact design accommodates many space-restricted areas within tablet and encapsulation rooms.

Metal Detector provides 100% in-line inspection of tablets and capsules at the outlet of the press and screens for ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. It has many features to enhance quality control measurements without interfering with smooth high-speed tablet manufacturing. This also allows easy integration with dedusters and collection drums. The construction of this special Stand saves space into the production room and reduces the retention areas. Cross contamination from production changes is prevented by its clean design and easily removable throughput chute, reject gate and cover.

The scanning capacity is 10,000 tablets per minute and the metal detection head is fully adjustable for the height and angle to ensure the best possible speed and detection accuracy.

The Metal Detector chute cab be quickly and easily dismantled for routing cleaning and product changeover.

Conforms to the hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry this system can be combined with all high performance Tablet compression machine and dedusting systems. Flexible operating height, angle and frame with lockable casters allow for easy integration to any production facility. The complete unit takes up minimum system length.


  • Automatic Balance Principle 
  • Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Detection & Rejection.
  • Reject Confirmation and Indication For Irregularities.
  • Toughness to Vibration And Noise.
  • Digital Signal Processor.
  • Rugged Mechanical Construction.
  • Automatic Parameter Retention.
  • Improved and Compact Search Coil.
  • Date and Time Recording for Routing QC Checks.
  • Timer with Adjustable Delay and Duration for Reject Device Control.
  • All Sensitivity Checks, Settings and Routine QC Checks are recorded.
  • Stable Operation on Mineralized or Conductive Products.
  • LED bar Graph to Display the Status of Coil.
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