Coating / Polishing Pan

Coating / Polishing Pan
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Description : 

Coating Pan designed by keeping in mind needs of universal conventional coating requirements such as rotational speed, angle of inclination of pan, inside finish of pan, total volume, temperature of air and exhaust arrangement.




Special Features :

  • Coating Pan drive can be availabe with VFD for pan speed variation which required in both film as well as sugar coating.
  • Spraying systems is also available with the unit.
  • Polishing pan is made suitable on the same drive of coating pan drive.
  • Hot air / Cold air blowing system is used for tablets.
  • Model available in sizes 12", 24", 30", 42", 48", 60" and 72".
  • Hot air blower system with mobile trolley and filter housing will be provided with TIC or PID type temperature controller for control of air temperature within the range of 50 degree C to 80 degree C.
  • Hapa filter unit (optional ) can be provided along with inlet ducting lines.
  • Other options such as FLP motor and panel, steam heating unit can be provided.
Conventional Coating Pan
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