Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus
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Salient Features :

  • User friendly key board                                        
  • On line / Off line Printing facility
  • Over 160 Test records can be stored           
  • Validation facility
  • Facility to test unknown sample.           
  • For more clarity, stirrer speed adjustment on key board.
  • Facility to store 10 Product names with their expected Melting Point.








Model: VMP – PM :

The instrument is designed to determine Melting Point of solids or Boiling Points of liquids, with high accuracy. The apparatus incorporates the latest type of MICROPROCESSOR BASED circuitry and is very simple to operate.

The apparatus consists of a cylindrical Silicon Oil bath with heater. The sample is filled in a capillary and suspended through Teflon cover of the Silicon Oil bath. Similarly a Boiling Point tube with sample liquid can also be suspended through Teflon cover to determine Boiling Point of a liquid sample. The temperature of bath is maintained uniform with built-in magnetic stirrer. Tips of the sample filled capillary can be observed through magnifying lens on illuminated background of silicon oil bath. The Apparatus equipped with four lines alphanumeric informative LCD screen, which indicates PRODUCT NAME, BATCH NO. and SETTEMP.ACTUAL TEMP. Etc...

The self-explanatory feather touch keyboard enables to set the desired program for heating Silicon Oil bath. Expected MELTING POINT of the sample is entered as Set Point. On pressing the ‘START’ key, the instrument automatically executes the program with ideal heating rates. The temperature of both starts rising fast in the beginning and automatically adjusts the rate of heating in suitable steps and 1I0;C/ min. towards the end of program.

The unit is provided with Printer socket. Any 80 column dot matrix printer can be connected, it will print the header, product name, batch no. date and time of the test and rise in temp./min towards last 10I0;C. It also prints START OF MELTING POINT and END OF MELTING POINT. OVER 160 Test Records can be stored in the memory. ON line  or OFF line printing is possible. Date-wise selection for printing is possible.

An audio signal draws attention of operator for close observation of Melting Point towards the final reading. Melting Point can be clearly observed through Magnifying Lens and after reaching the actual Melting Point, the STOP key is to be pressed. At this stage Temperature will stop rising and displayed Temperature indicates completion of Melting Pont. If through oversight one fails to press ‘STOP’ key, the heating will stop automatically, after the Temperature reaches above set Temperature with TEST OVER message.

The range of the Melting Point can also be determined by pressing RECORD TEMP. When RECORD TEMP, key is pressed start of Melting Range is indicated on the screen. Four such temperature values can be stored in the memory. On pressing the STOP key after complete melting of the sample , the heating is stopped. Start and end temperature of the Melting Range is then displayed.

The instrument is also having facility for testing unknown sample. When UNKNOWN SAAMPLE option is selected the temperature will start rising at nominal rate so that is easy to observe the temperature at which the sample melts.

Validation Program for the Standard Samples like Vanillin, Benzoic Acid and Caffeine is incorporated.


Temperature range of the instrument is about 2º C above room temperature up-to 300ºC, readability + 0.1ºC, with accuracy + 0.1%. The unit works on 230 volts / 50 Hz, (0.750 KW Max.) A.C. mains supply. The Instrument is supplied with 200 ml of Silicon Oil and a box of capillaries.

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