Mini Capsule Machine (Lab Model)

Mini Capsule Machine (Lab Model)
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Today 90% of the researchers are using Manual Capsulation Equipments which are in gross violation of a Correct Scale Up of the Process. Most of the Production Scale Encapsulation Machines of capacity of more than 10,000 Capsules/Hour, ( Tamping Type) are FULLY AUTOMATIC either Tamping (80%) or Dozating Type. India’s first machine launched Globally is the only machine available which would change the way most researchers do their Hard Gelatin/Veg. Starch Capsulation Research. Mini Cap is India’s First Automatic Bench-Top Capsule Filling Machine for Powder and Pellet Filling. The machine has been designed to fill gelatin capsules and is incorporated with PLC controls and is designed as per GMP and CE standards. Basic Machine for Laboratories, Scientists, Process Development Laboratories. 

Thanks to his compact sixe and design, it’s easy to install the machine on any work bench. The work cycle is totally automatic and controlled by a programmable logic controller.






Salient Features :

  • Mini Compact Size Human Touch Free Capsulation
  • Maximum output of 1500/300 capsules/ hour*
  • Machine with powder and pellet filling
  • Auto Rejection of Un–Opened Capsules Fully Automated Capsulation Work Cycle 
  • Change over time 50 minutes
  • No special tools required for the changeover
  • Perfect machine for R&D lab/ process development labs/small size production of trial research, small batch production
  • Machine manufactured as per CE, CGMP, GAMP Norms
  • Inbuilt vacuum pump for capsule separation











Optional Features :

  • Tablet attachment with NFD (Non Filling  Detection)
  • Extra change part for capsule size
  • Recommended Spares
  • Dozing Disc
  • CE Certification
  •  Extra change part for tablet attachment
  • IQ, OQ, DQ documents and test certificates provided on requirement









Change size Kit :

  • Upper bushings (8)
  • Lower bushings (8)
  • Dozing disc with counter disc (1)
  • Capsule orienting group (1)
  • Special pins for powder compression (4)
  • Pin for powder transfer into the capsule body (1)
  • Pin for capsule closing (1)
  • Capsule guide pipe (1)










Technical Specifications :


Mini Cap

Capsules / hr. (Max)*


Capsule Size


Power supply

230V, Single Phase, 50/60 HZ

Main Motor

0.09 KW, 1350 RPM, 230V, 3 Ph

Vacuum Pump

6 m3/hr

Vacuum Pump Motor

0.25 KW, 230 V, 2700 RPM , 1 Ph

Dust collector (optional)

Flow 2800 LPM, Max. Vacuum-500 mm of water, filter:5 micron

Compressed air

50 liters/min, working pressure 1-5 bar

Net weight in Kg.


Machine size in mm

643 X 635 X873

Possible dosing combinations

Powder, Pellets, Tablets (optional) and all possible combinations (optional)

Environment temperature

20-25 degree Celsius

Realative humidity

40-50 % RH























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