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This equipment is most useful to transfer the material from container of FLUID BED DRYER TO INTERMEDIATE PRODUCT CONTAINER. With help of this equipment dust free and very speedy material transfer from FBD bowl is possible. The equipment is equipped with one cone type container which is provided with clamping hooks to clamp the FBD bowl, rubber gasket for air tight fitting between FBD bowl and cone type container. The container is also have a butterfly valve at bottom to drain the material in required IPC or any other container. The hydraulic system (power pack unit with cylinder) is provided to lift the complete assembly with FBD bowl and tilt the pair of cone type container and FBD bowl at 180 degree.

With help of the hooks first clamp the FBD bowl with cone type container. Lift the whole assembly with FBD bowl at a desirable height. With help of hydro-mechanical system tilt the whole assembly at 180 degree. Finally all the material which was in the FBD bowl is transfer in cone container. Discharge the material in IPC or any other hopper, with help of butterfly valve which is provided at discharge of cone type container.


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